Molybdenum Metal Products

By producer of highest technology and great quality(certified by ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, OHSAS18001)

Molybdenum Powder, 99.9%min,99.50%min

Particle Size: 2-5micron

Molybdenum Spray Powder: 99.50%min.
Size: -20~+200mesh, -170~+325mesh, -325mesh

Pure molybdenum metal for alloy additives,

Rolled molybdenum bar for further processing, 

Molybdenum Wire for EDM,
Mo: 99.95%min.
Dia. 0.001"(0.025mm)~0.012"(0.30mm), Length 2000m, 3000m, 5000m.

Molybdenum Spray Wire,
Mo: 99.95%min.
Dia.1/8", 1/16", In coils or on spools.

Molybdenum Wire,
Mo: 99.95%min.
Dia. 0.002"(0.051mm)~0.08"(2mm)

Molybdenum Wire(clean),
Mo: 99.95%min.
Dia. 0.006"(0.15mm)~0.04"(1mm)

Molybdenum Rod(clean) for further manufacturing
Mo: 99.95%min.
Dia.15-26mm, length 350-600mm

Molybdenum Rod(ground)
Mo: 99.95%min.
Dia. 0.04"(1mm)~2"(51mm)

Molybdenum Sheet
Mo: 99.95%min.

Molybdenum Wire for cutting
Molybdenum Spray Wire